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Trigu Italia offers more money to the artisan, better prices for the consumer and fresher, healthier and more genuine ingredients on the table.

Trigu Italia connects food artisans directly with suppliers. Our cultural initiative is about the product journey. Sardinians started making wine and cheese 5,000 years ago.

Trigu Italia is a cultural project, committed to shedding the light on an intricate,  genuine and delicious world of artisan cheeses,  enabling chefs and food lovers to discover a new world of flavors and traditions.

Introducing Taste Sardinia

A beautiful gift box with seven of our favorite cheeses, selected especially for the holiday season from Italy's most ancient island, Sardinia.

" We aim to have the fewest number of hands touching product from supplier to consumer. We deliver from the dairy to the chef, store or consumer, with special packing and ice that lasts 400% longer.  "

The Aresu and Murtas family dairies have been making artisan cheese for generations. They use milk from the Gerrei regions and continue the artisan practices passed on from generation to generation.

They both use wooden boards to age the cheese (compared to the industrial plastic that some dairies use), Sardinian DOP rennet and sea salt and the family tradition of giving the cheese a unique taste due to their milk, the process and above all the tender love and care. Both dairies are run by the extended families where fathers, brothers sisters and cousins work closely together.

" As an American living in Sardinia since 1989, it is exciting for me to share this ancient, authentic and unique cheese culture from a terrestrial paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean. "

— R. Jonathan Brownstein , Founder

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Box Price: $100, plus $15 for shipping and handling.For orders of 10 boxes or more, shipping and handling is free.

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