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“Trigu lives and breathes attention to quality - it extends from the craftsmanship of their artisan partners to how they think about and treat their customers.” 

- Rich Maggiotto, CEO, ChefsFeed

“Trigu gives us access to a level of Sardinian artisanal products which is impossible to find anywhere else in the U.S. I’ve met chefs and specialty shop owners actually in Sardinia who source from Trigu because the quality of the product Jon gathers from all over the island.”

Jesse Badger, Executive Chef at Homestead on the Roof and West Town Bakery & Diner, Chicago, IL

“I’m proud to use the artisanal products supplied by Trigu Italia at both my restaurants. The tradition and passion of the producers Jonathan represents translate clearly to the plate connecting our guests to the history of Italian cuisine in a singular way. “

Nathan Lockwood, Owner and Executive Chef at Altura and Carrello, Seattle, WA

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