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Trigu Italia connects food artisans directly with Chefs and consumers.

We aim to have the fewest number of hands touching product from supplier to consumer. Our philosophy is human-to-human: return to the basics, respect nature and humanity.

This is the Sardinian way.

Trigu Italia offers more money to the artisan, better prices for the consumer and fresher, healthier and more genuine ingredients on the table.We deliver from the dairy to the chef, store or consumer, with special packing, respecting artisans, their products, and their craft.

The artisans we work with respect ancient traditions and their products are the best expression of Terroir Sardo and culinary traditions.

Direct from the artisan to you

0,45 Kg 1 lb | 2,2 Kg 5 lb
Goat ricotta salata. Soft, delicate with the right balance of acidity. A Chef absolute favorite for salads, pizzas and more. Limited Availability.

0,45 Kg 1 lb | 2,2 Kg 5 lb
Sheep ricotta salata. Available plain in 1lb cones or 5 pound wheels. Also available in 1 lb cones with Sardinian organic hot pepper, or smoked. I eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Try on Pane Carasau with a drizzle of olive oil or even grated on your steak and of course on your pasta alla Norma!

* All of our ricotta salatas are hand made and by simply heating up the whey and adding Sardinian sea salt.

2,7 Kg 6 lb
Aged for 6 months.
Delicate in flavor for such a mature goat cheese. Chefs LOVE cooking with Selvaggio.

6,8 Kg 15 lb
Aged for 12 months.
Mix of Sardinian cow and sheep’s milk. Tastes in between a Parmigiano and Pecorino. Very popular in Europe and the USA. Black rind (old style).

La Goccia
2,7 Kg 6 lb
Pecorino Semi stagionato (6 months).
Nutty and sweet with a nice creamy texture for a 6 month cheese. Good for grating and or slicing.

3 Kg 6.6 lb
Aged for 1 to 3 months.
Cheese produced with pasteurized Goat’s milk. Smooth cheese , white in color with a hole here and there. Sweet and delicate taste with tones of pine nuts, lemon grass and earth. Great for melting.

3 Kg 6.6 lb
Aged for 4 to 12 months.
Produced with goat’s milk exclusively from the hills of Gerrei, characterized by a wide variety of herbs that gives the cheese its delicate flavor of pine nuts, earth and grass.

3 Kg 6.6 lb
Aged for 1 to 3 months.
Young Pecorino cheese. Subtle with tones of butter, grass and even artichoke. The cheese is white-light yellow, soft and compact with a hole here and there. Excellent for roasting, melting or for dessert with honey. A great pizza cheese as well.

Su Entu
5 Kg 11 lb
Aged for 4 to 12 months.
Made with lamb rennet, which gives the cheese its kick. Creamy in texture for such an aged cheese. Rustic rind. Earth, nuts, grass, Su Entu is a classic representation of the Sardinian aged Pecorino. Good for both grating and eating as is.

5 Kg 11 lb
Aged 6-15 month’s Goat cheese.
Nutty, earth, delicate with a white paste. The more aged versions become spicy with a long range of flavors.

L’Aigos with Truffles
5 Kg 11 lb
Aged 6-15 months, Goat cheese.
Same as Aigos with thinly sliced Umbrian truffles. The combination of aged goat cheese and Truffles makes this one of our favorite cheeses to the widest range of customers. People cannot get enough of this cheese! In fact, every year, this cheese sells out.

L’Armentosu with Truffles
5 Kg 11 lb
Aged 6-15 months, Pecorino cheese.
Fragrant pearl-colored paste, a result of the combination between the black truffle and the spicy aftertaste of veal rennet. Most Pecorino and Caprinos “with truffles” are made with Truffle oil that is injected once the cheese is finished. Our Caprino and Pecorinos with truffles are made with real truffles from the beginning of making the cheese, making for a much more harmonious and magic combination of flavors. Out of stock until May 2022.

Fior di Jara
2 Kg 4.4 lb
The cheese is made with Sardinian goat’s milk from the Argei dairy. It has a short ageing process and it is characterized by a soft, silky texture. It is straw-colored and has a flowery crust. You could compare this cheese to a Camambert. It has a nice clean mineral touch with some subtle after tastes of grass and earth.

Re Capra
2 Kg 4.4 lb
Re Capra is a new invention by Renolia, exactly in between Ricotta Salata and Feta Greca. It is fairly compact with a unique tang to it. Re Capra will wake up any salad or cheese board and give it an elegant and delicious touch.

Dolce Nero
2 Kg 4.4 lb
Dolce Nero is a 2 to 6 month clean and simple cheese. Like most of the cheese from Renolia it has a nice mineral-earth taste and a subtle finish of grass and pine nuts.

Sea salt flower 94%, lemon 6% (pulp and peel in variable proportion)

Sea salt flower 98% (whole sea salt), saffron 2%

Sea sal flower 96%, myrtle 4% (leaves and berries in variable proportion)

Sea salt flower 97%, pepper 3% (pepper and chili pepper in variable proportion nutmeg)

Sea salt flower 96% (whole sea salt), olive 4%

The meeting between the salt and the precious Kombu and Wakame seaweed releases the most authentic flavor of the sea

Sea salt flower 94%, tangerine 6% (pulp and peel in variable proportion)

Sea salt flower 94%, orange 6% (pulp and peel in variable proportion)

Sea salt flower is the first crystal of integral see salt which forms naturally in the evaporation ponds

Sea salt flower 96%, spices 4% (turmeric, fennel seeds, cumin, curry, chili pepper, dried cloves, pink peppercorns, black pepper, white pepper, coriander and nutmeg)

Sea salt flower 97%, aromatic herbs 3% (rosemary, thyme, oregano and marjoram in variable proportion)

Sea salt flower 100%, smoked over beech wood

Riso Gioiello
Cooking Time 15-20 min (Parboil)
Black or in this case purple rice owes its original color to precious antioxidants. It is a versatile whole grain rice, appreciated for its starch content. Riso Gioiello is perfect for meat, seafood, vegetable or cheese dishes. Chefs are even using this rice in desserts. You can literally paint with the sauce it gives off.

Riso Carnaroli Classico
Cooking Time 14-16 min
Riso Carnaroli is the most widespread variety in Italy, considered by many chefs and food lovers “The King of Rice”. Cooking methods: perfect to prepare a typical risotto with meat or seafood as well as salads.

Riso Integrale
Cooking Time 40-45 min
Brown rice is appreciated for its high fiber content. Its grains maintain great shape and consistency even after being cooked. Cooking methods: perfect to prepare a soup, boiled meat and salads as well as risotto. In order to reduce cooking time, pressure cooking is highly recommended.

Riso Aromatico
Cooking Time 13-15 min
Aromatic rice is highly appreciated for its freshly-baked bread fragrance during cooking. The Passiu Aromatic rice is similar to Basmati. Cooking methods: perfect to prepare meat or seafood dishes as well as accompanying other courses.

Super Cuscusa
5 Kg 11lb | 10 Kg 22 lb
Raw Milk Pecorino with no less than 45 days of ageing. The cheese is compact and light yellow with intermittent holes due to the use of raw milk. Super Cuscusa, like all the Cuscusa cheeses, are perfect expressions of the territory they come from. It is becoming more and more difficult to find cheeses made this way as raw milk production is more difficult and expensive. We also have found that many people digest these cheeses better compared to more traditional pasteurized cheese.

4,2 Kg 9.5 lb
Sheep or Sheep and Goat milk mix, raw, organic milk, aged from 3 to 6 months. This is a compact white-yellow cheese with intermittent holes. The cheese has a nice bite to it as it ages and the mixed version is a wonderful reflection of the Cuscusa farm as they have 700 sheep and 300 goats. This cheese is available smoked as well, similar to how Fiore Sardo is made.

Sa Cuguzzua Pecora
6,5 Kg 14.3 lb
Sheep or Sheep and Goat milk mix, raw, organic milk, aged from 3to 12months. This is a compact white-yellow cheese with intermittent holes. The cheese has a nice bite to it as it ages. Sa Cuguzza tends to be a touch less salty than Serzela and since the wheels are bigger, the cheese tends to be a bit more creamy.

Fiore Sardo DOP
3,5 Kg 7.7 lb
FIORE SARDO is the traditional shepherd’s cheese. It is one of the 4 Sardinian DOPs. In this case it is made with raw milk, lamb rennet and no less than 4 months of ageing. Fiore is always smoked as well, following the tradition of the shepherd who stored the cheese in his hut , getting smoked naturally by the same fire the shepherd used for cooking and for heat. The Cuscusa Fiore has a nice bite to it and as it ages it gets harder for grating.

4,5 Kg 10 lb
30 day Pecorino or Mixed Sheep and Goat or Goat. Aged 30 days. Fresh cheese good for melting or for a milder cheese. Gemmefigu can be made with more or less salt depending on preference.

Bottles size: 0,75 It
Grade: 13,5 %

Hand picked organic vermentino grapes from the Cuscusa Vineyard. Pastura is a “volcanic wine”, so a nice clean mineral wine with tones of white fruits and hay. 40% less sulfites than traditional wines. Fermentation and ageing is done in stainless steel tanks in line with the Sardinian and Cuscusa wine making tradition. Perfect with Seafood or with lighter meat dishes. Serve cool. This is one of our favorite Sardinian Vermentinos, perfect in its simplicity.

Bottle size: 0,75 It
Grade: 14 %

Organic Cannonau with a deep red color and aromas of raspberry and blackberries and also tones of Mediterranean plants. Not as Tannic or as dark red as many Cannonaus. Perfect with Charcuterie, cheese, red meat and soups with beans. Fermentation and ageing is done in stainless steel. Sardinian Cannonaus can be overpowering and heavy on the tannins. This Cannonau is much smoother and more “amabile” for this category of wine, making it a much more versatile red wine.

Artichokes in oil and vinegar
280 gram jars – 10 ounces
4 Sardinian DOP artichokes-famous for the prickly end and rich amount of iron. Sweet, cherry-woody and crunchy. All of Rosalba’s products are off the charts but her artichokes are simply the best.

280 gram jars – 10 ounces
The cardo is a relative to the artichoke and my favorite memory is when my partner’s 100 year old grandmother was still alive. At the table, either before dinner or after the courses, Nonna Antonia would get out a kitchen knife and start peeling off the outer skin and handing a Jack in the beanstalk size piece to everybody at the table. Cardi can be very bitter and they are for sure very good for you. Rosalbas’s cardi are woody and have some very unique thing going on. Hard to describe but in between an artichoke, celery and something bitter in a good way.

Pomodori Secchi in Oil
280 gram jars – 10 ounces
Sweet, rich, smooth and with a tang. They are dark red and as soon as you take one out of the oil you just can’t wait to put it in your mouth. I guess you could use these to cook with but they never make it to that stage for me.

Grilled Eggplant and Pepperoni
280 gram jars – 10 ounces
Imagine somebody grilling fresh vegetables and serving with Oil and the right amount of vinegar. These can be eaten as is or used as an ingredient in a dish. Last week I made a dark red sauce with Calamari and added 3 slices of the Eggplant. It gave the whole dish texture and a nice tang to it!

Mushrooms in Oil with Garlic and Parsley
280 gram jars – 10 ounces
In Sardinia “al funghetto” means with garlic and parsley and that is how these beauties are. Another one of Rosalba’s vegetables where you open the jar and keep saying to yourself, ok, this is the last one…..

Rosalba’s spreads
190 gram – 6.7 ounces
Artichoke Spread.
Mushroom Spread with hot pepper.
Olive spread-made as Sardinian tradition has it, smashing the olives with stones.
Cream of Sun dried tomato.

As with the Sardinian tradition, the ingredients here are a minimum and you simply taste the vegetable but in a spreadable fashion. These are great ways to celebrate homemade bread, good crackers and a fun way to start an antipasti plate.

Hot Pepper Paste
190 gram – 6.7 ounces
Sardinian Red Hot Peppers made into a paste
Uniquely sweet, spicy but not overpowering with some Umami flavors to make this spread a versatile friend in the kitchen!

Fig Jam
Rosalba’s Fig jam is exactly like her other jarred vegetables. It is simply Sardinia in a jar. Try it with our cheeses or on our ricotta salata. Open the lid and experience the perfect Sardinian summer fruit!

Nero di Gonos

Tondo di Cagliari

Semidana and Paschiscedda

Available in ¼ to 1 lb whole pieces, 80 gram jars or 500 gram grated restaurant service packs.
We hand pick our bottarga weekly, allowing you to choose size and texture (harder for grating, softer for slicing. In Sardinia we use Bottarga with fish dishes as Northern Italians do with Parmiggiano on meat and vegetable dishes.

Squid Ink
Jars in 0.07, 7 and 14 liquid ounces
Our Squid Ink is black in color with no hints of brown as in some jarred inks. The texture is homogenous, creamy and sweet.

Canned Sea Urchin
1.94 and 2.45 liquid ounces
Since 2015 Smeralda has developed a method to sterilize and can Sea Urchin, maintaining its creamy texture and color and sweet savory taste.

Salis Canned Red Tuna Filet
330 grams
Once a year the Red Tuna run in front of the island of Carlo Forte and Sant’Antioco and the Sardinians fish these Tuna as has been done for centuries. We have chosen the filet which is a versatile , delicious product good for both pastas and salads. Also available upon request are: Ventresca and Buzzonaglia (blood line Tuna).

Available upon request
Sardinian Capers-Small-Medium or Caper Berry-Cappero Selargino
Pane Carasau, Pane Pistoccu
Sardinian Saffron
Sardinian Spices
Lentischio Oil
Sardinian Honeys sweet and Bitter
Sardinian Jams
Sardinian handmade pastas: Fregula, Filindeu, Maloreddus, Lorighittas

Sardinian Wine Tasting boxes
6 to 12 bottles of red and white Sardinian wine best representing the territory

Sardinian Olive Oil sample box
6 bottles of different representative Sardinian Olive Oils

Gift Boxes
We take pride in sending carefully selected artisan gift boxes,
packed with our favorite flavors from the island.

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