Since day one it came naturally to us to host friends and family and show them the secrets of the island. The more we did it, the more apparent it became that at the heart of our mission is this exchange of perspectives and traditions from across the globe. Sardinia’s rich history is felt almost immediately by those who visit the island; a moment that we never get tired of witnessing. Come join us on a week long guided exploration of the best we have to offer. See below for tour dates, themes, and itineraries.

Currently Scheduled Tours:

December 2019
Mirto harvest
Mirto Liquor, Jams
Olive Oil
Bread and pasta making
Cheese making -Special on ricotta and its uses
February 2020
La Sartiglia in Oristano
Vernaccia of Oristano
Cheese making in heart of Sardegna with shepherds
In depth Wine Tour
Winter Dishes
May 2020
Shearing of the sheep
Cheese Making
Suckling Pig
Sardegna Coastline (car or motorcycle)
June 2020
Tonnara of Carloforte
Tuna Fishing festival
Seafood cooking classes
Boat tours
Coastal tours
September-October 2020
Sardinian Wine Tour
Cheese, wine and jam pairings


DAY 1 • Arrival • Welcome dinner and wine tasting with an introduction to Sardinian traditions and the overall food culture with one of the most knowledgeable food and wine experts of the island.

DAY 2 • Visit the Mercato of San Benedetto one of the most incredible fish, meat and vegetable markets of the mediterranean • Visit an artisan chocolate and pastry chef • Transfer to dairy • Dinner with Michele Cuscusa at his dairy and cheese school with an introduction to shepherding and the secrets  of the Marmilla • Wine tasting of Michele’s organic vermentino and cannonau

DAY 3 • Introduction to making cheese, yogurt and ice cream • Afternoon cooking with focus on cheese • Visit the oldest vineyard on the island and discover Sardinian Vernaccia

DAY 4 • Learn to make sardinian bread and different types of sardinian pasta (culurgiones, malloreddus, lorighittas) • Sardinian traditional dinner • Meet with the president of Sardinia’s Grain consortium and learn about the wheat, grain and legume tradition. • Sardinian Artichokes

DAY 5 • Visit an artisan Bottarga producer and explore the tuna tradition of Sardinia • Experience one of the famous traditional hotels in Sardinia • Tasting of local ham and pork • Lesson on how to properly cook a suckling pig alla sarda

DAY 6 • Learn the secrets of making pane carasau and sardinian sweet pastry • Afternoon half-day on a boat to explore the Mediterranean coast

DAY 7 • Meet with some of the top chefs in cagliari and discuss their recipes and techniques • Farewell cooking in the city – benefit dinner

DAY 8 • Departure

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