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Each box contains:

6 month Sardinian Pecorino
3/4 lb
Su Entu, Silius Sardegna, Southwest Coast. Murtas Family dairy. Su Entu is a classic Sardinian semi-aged (6-10 months) Pecorino. Creamy for its age, with notes of earth and pine nuts. The Murtas family is a 3rd generation dairy. This is my favorite Sardinian Pecorino. It is versatile , good for both eating as is or grating over a red sauce. This is a true “barnyard cheese’ and a crowd pleaser. Rustic edible rind.

6 month Sardinian goat with black truffle
3/4 lb
Aigos al Tartufo. Goat cheese with black truffle. Armentizia Moderna, Guspini, south west coast Sardinia. This is my favorite dairy for goat cheeses. The dairy is located in one of the wilder parts of Sardinia. The location for many spaghetti western films. Most Sardinian Pecorinos with truffle are made with a truffle oil, something which completely overwhelms the cheese. Armentizia Moderna incorporates thin slices of truffle, a much more complex procedure to make and the result is worth it. Our best seller in the USA-no competition.

Sardinian Artichokes in oil
10 ounces
Rosalba Cau is an artisan grower and traditional Sardinian cook. Her vegetables in oil are something beyond words. Each product has a unique freshness to it and makes it hard to believe that they are preserved in oil and vinegar. These are Sardinian DOP artichokes. They are crunchy and can be eaten as is or used for cooking for example on a pasta or pizza.

Sardinian Sun dried tomatoes in oil
10 ounces
Rosalba’s Sun Dried tomatoes are dark red, tangy and have a nice smooth silky texture. They are the perfect appetizer for a cheese plate or just to be eaten as is.

Sardinian Honey
3 ounces
Su Meli, Santadi Sardegna. Su Meli is a small honey producer. Riccardo is a passionate honey maker and his honeys are pure, simple and delicious! Orange, Eucaliptus, Asfodelo or Macchia Mediterranea (1,000 fiori). Sardinian honey tasting pack, 2 sweet and 1 bitter honey.

Sardinian Nougat-Torrone
8 ounces
Traditonal Sardinian almond and honey Torrone from Tonnara.

Home made fig jam
6 ounces
Rosalba’s fig jam is simply fig as a preserve. Big pieces of fig with all the beauty of a Sardinian fig. Try with the cheese or on toast for breakfast.

Sardinian Artisan Panettone
1 lb
Artisan Panettone from 100 year old bakers on the Southwest Coast. Classic Holiday Panettone.

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