The Centenarian

Welcome to The Centenarian, a holiday gift box prepared in Sardinia, Italy, the original blue zone and home to some of the oldest and most active and happy elderly (100 and beyond) people in the world. We have chosen some of their most common and favorite ingredients they use on an everyday basis.

All products in this box are sourced from small Sardinian artisan farmers and producers.


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What is in the box?

  • Boni Mores, organic cold pressed (very low acidity) Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Small red lentils
  • Black chickpeas
  • Riso Gioiello
  • Habanero cioccolato peperoncino
  • Sardinian mixed spices
  • Sardinian organic sun dried tomatoes
  • Sardinian honey
  • Artichokes in oil and cauliflower with sun dried tomato and olives
  • Pane Carasau-Ferreli, Lanusei, Sardinia
  • Sardinian Maloreddu

Additional information
Dimensions 38 × 15 × 12 in

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Trigu Italia

We are a family business, owned and run by Jon Brownstein and his Sardinian sons, Gabriele and Lorenzo. We have a personal stake in preserving Sardinian heritage through sustainable farming practices and creating jobs on the island.


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